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RE: Camera, lights - Michael Horvath - 2016-11-09

(2016-11-08, 0:13)Tore Eriksson Wrote:
(2016-11-07, 17:18)Michael Horvath Wrote: What does this program even do?
I posted a reply here, but it looks like it never made it(?)

It changes the property of the parts into shining objects. See the lights in the ceiling of the Moonbase above, and the headlights of the car in this post. They still look normal in any LDraw editor or viewer, and once vreated by DatShine, you treat them as any other LDraw part. But after being processed by L3P, those parts emit light in POV-Ray. I'm sure you can make a spotlight object in Datshine if you know the POV syntax for spotlights.
[Image: demo2.jpg]

I just remembered that *all* lights in POV-Ray have a default "point_at" value of <0,0,1>. This does not matter much for point lights maybe, but it affects all other types of lights. See:


Even with DatShine there still needs to be a way to set the "point_at" vector IMO.

RE: Camera, lights - Michael Horvath - 2016-11-17

(2016-08-21, 13:05)Michael Horvath Wrote: What is the official method of adding cameras and light sources to models?

I was thinking it would be nice to add camera/lookat and lightsource/pointat pairs in a single line in a model. This would require some sort of extension. Has someone done this before?

The benefit of using parts for this are that they get translated/rotated along with the rest of the model they belong to. I don't know how to accomplish this in POV-Ray alone. This is (or will be) very important for Datsville!