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LDraw iOS Viewer prototype/test - Alex K. - 2016-08-01

Hi everyone,

I just recently came back to Lego and bought my first set in two decades! While browsing the Lego website I discovered LDD and thought "well, it would be cool to have that in a proper 3D model format". So I checked their file format and noticed that it only contains references to the pieces and not the actual geometry... to make a long story short, I dropped the idea, then read about LDraw and wrote a simple LDR importer instead. It was a "just for fun" thing and I don't have any plans what to do with it yet. However, I thought I at least post a couple of screenshots as sort of a thank you to the community for providing the pieces library! Hope you enjoy it!



P.S.: Yeah, I know, I'm missing a few pieces and the white is still too grayish Tongue . Screenshots were taken on an iPad Pro using Metal/OpenGL rendering with basic image based lighting and a cubemap reflection, nothing too fancy (for the first image, I blended the 3 different wireframe modes in Photoshop). For more info and larger screenshots, see also http://metashapes.com/rendering-lego-bricks-ldraw-import/