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12 segment round primitives? - Mark Kennedy - 2016-03-29

Would there be any benefit to creating 12 segment round primitives such as cyli, edge, and disc? This would allow them the be easily divided into thirds and it seems that many of the 'Digital Designer' parts by Lego use 12 segments for their round areas.

Re: 12 segment round primitives? - Philippe Hurbain - 2016-03-29

This looks like a good idea. We already have a mechanism for this, creation of a p\12 folder containing these primitives. Any other opinions?

Re: 12 segment round primitives? - Magnus Forsberg - 2016-03-29

I don't think the benefit would be that big.
You still have to sort the file and decide what to keep, and/or divide it into subfiles. Adapting the ldd mesh to 16 sided primitives isn't that hard now, with LDPE.

The only reason for me would be the division into thirds. I have missed a "lo-res" 1-3-prim sometimes.

Re: 12 segment round primitives? - Gerald Lasser - 2016-03-29

In my opinion the 12 segments are lacking details.

Re: 12 segment round primitives? - Travis Cobbs - 2016-03-30

I personally feel that it's a bad idea. Doing so would produce parts with lower quality than other parts. For the case of places that need to be divided into thirds, I think they need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. They can already use 48 primitives, but where that's overkill, Philo's point that p/12 in theory already works is valid (as would be p/18 and p/24).

Having said all that, I'm not a parts author, so please take my input with a grain of salt.