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Re: Bug-Fix 0.8.8b Released - Philippe Hurbain - 2016-03-30

Good news, no more problems when closing/restarting LDPE on my XP box.
Now the annoying question: is there still some primitive caching? startup time at 1st launch is about 40s, and drops to 30s for following runs. This drop could be well attributed to Windows general file caching, not LDPE primitives caching...

Re: Bug-Fix 0.8.8b Released - Magnus Forsberg - 2016-03-30

Willy Wrote:Launch via run.bat

I'm also experiencing the same difficult start. I have to double-click on run.bat many times to start the program.
Looks like some sort of "StackOverflowError".

Bug-Fix 0.8.8c Released (to avoid the stack-overflow on start) - Nils Schmidt - 2016-03-30


this evening I investigated the stack-overflow exceptions with all possible thoroughness and I found something.
The cache included unnecessary pointers to other cache objects. The serialisation process created an entry on the stack for each object.
I removed the pointers from the serialisation process.
The issue should be gone now.

As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

I updated the binaries on sourceforge.net, too.

(2 bug fixes)

The following issues were hopefully fixed with this release:
  1. Primitive caching issues, causing a stackoverflow on all systems and a slowdown on 32-bit (severe)
  2. The subfile creator added a capital S in front of the sub-part number, instead of a lower case s and created wrong names for primitives, too.