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LDRAW is great for rendering but ... - Michael Klein - 2016-03-05

... there's no smooth way actually.

The only method what worked for me to create nice and perfect renderings was using the add-on via BLENDER.

Every other method by using the exporters of some tools failed.

What would we need:

And LDR-exporter reading LDR and MPD files using a feature called INSTANCES. COLLADA would be the format to go.
Instances can be groups by geometry and color or just be geometry. I have to use geometry and color for MODO.
Instancing means that you have one master brick and the other bricks of the same type in a scene will be "virtual copies". You can translate, rotate or scale them. If you change the master mesh all instance-copies will be updated to the same type.
This is one feature I was asking for the LDR-Importer for BLENDER on GitHub.

And last but not least two optional features to choose:

- studs with its own top bevel because the studs top bevel is a bit bigger than the other edges
- the extruded LEGO logo (not the rounded one)

Re: LDRAW is great for rendering but ... - Merlijn Wissink - 2016-03-06

If I knew how to make such a program, I'd definitely try to make a new converter. Without a doubt.
I don't have the skills and knowledge (yet?) to do it though Sad