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8482/8483 CyberMaster Parts - Christian Maglekær - 2016-02-14

Hallo people.

I have begun to make the CyberMaster models, but I have discovered that are missing a lot of the parts from the set (Or I just can not find them).

The easy ones, new colors for the Touch sensor:

879c02, 879c03, 879c04

The difficult but important:
x429c01 Electric, Antenna with Yellow Tip and 71797 Cybermaster Unit

I've made a dummy of the device, it might help with the size of it.
I have a broken device lying around, I have discovered that the battery cover has part number 32093 (Just for info).

Other parts:
32094 Vehicle, Forklift Load Bin, Stickers, print and mechanical Arm for Technic figure.

I know it's a monumental task, so I want to thank in advance to those who contribute to the work.

Best regards Christian