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Patterned parts names - Tomas Kralicek - 2016-01-29

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and I tried to create a new parts that I want to submit. I did two new patterned torsos and one 1x3 brick. Now I'm not sure about the naming. I went through the Patterned Part Numbers table and tried to assign them name that is not used in the library yet. All these parts are from the Town theme.

Torso Cargo Logo with Shirt Pattern
- Bricklink: 973pb0239
- Suggested name: 973p2n

Torso Space Port Logo, Tube and 'C1' with Two Yellow Bars Pattern
- Bricklink: 973px176
- Suggested name: 973p2q

Brick 1 x 3 with Green and Blue Stripe with Cargo Logo Print
- Bricklink: 3622pb008
- Suggested name: 3622p03

Can you help me with correct names?

Re: Patterned parts names - Willy Tschager - 2016-01-30

Hi Tomas,

welcome and congratulations for the parts. http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/ref/patterns/ says it all:

Getting a pattern number for your part
This isn't too hard - all you have to do is ask. Email Chris Dee (partsATldrawDOTorg).

At least that is what I do. BTW, Chris is very busy at the moment so it may takes a bit.