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LDD is dead? - Philippe Hurbain - 2016-01-20

Just read this on Eurobricks forum, after many rumors...
Quote:Our Ambassador over at Swebrick has gotten this information out of the Ambassador forum:
Quote:I've just touched base with one of our Digital Product Specialists within the Consumer Services team. A business decision has been made to no longer allocate resources towards the LDD program / initiative. For now, the program will continue to be offered to anyone interested in utilizing it but please do not expect any updates regarding functionality, the adding of new LEGO elements or glitch fixes. We have decided to pursue other digital experiences. Although this may not be the answer you were hoping for, I hope this information will be of use to your RLUG members. Thank you for your time and continued support for the LEGO Brand & hobby.

Re: LDD is dead? - Max Martin Richter - 2016-01-20

This statement was posted within the German 1000steine.de forum a couple of weeks ago. So it seems to be correct :-(


Re: LDD is dead? - Orion Pobursky - 2016-01-20

It's just part of the community pullback LEGO has been doing. Now that they are wildly popular they don't need us AFOLs to bring people into the hobby and so therefore it's not worth having as much of a fan presence.

Re: LDD is dead? - Max Martin Richter - 2016-01-20

Anyway it's seems to be a good opportunity to get some more users to the LDraw system. :-)


Re: LDD is dead? - Merlijn Wissink - 2016-01-21

I've been reading comments on Brickset's article about this and also on Eurobricks and it seems a lot of LDD users chose LDD over LDraw because of the brick-snapping feature that "LDraw" is missing. A lot of those people seem to only have tried MLCad and then think that that is LDraw, while it isn't at all. SR3D Builder (and LDCad lately) have had brick-snapping for years.

I don't blame them though, 99% of 'LDraw tutorials' are old and outdated and use MLCad and MLCad was so big back then that a lot of people associate LDraw with MLCad. What would it take to change people's view of LDraw? A new series of tutorials covering all the latest software? A new website that's more targeted at helping people with LDraw instead of a source of documentation and organizational information?

I'm not trying to make some kind of advertising campaing or something Wink
But, Ive been seeing this for a while now and especially now, a lot of people seem to have the 'wrong' view of LDraw (at least, I think). That it's difficult, that it's old, that it's...

Re: LDD is dead? - Gerald Lasser - 2016-01-21

I need to agree with you, there needs to be more advertisement for the new generation of SW for LDraw, like LDCad which makes many things easier to handle than in MLCad. MLCad was for a long time the tool of choice and still is for many people.

Now with LDD on a parking orbit, it looks like the suite surrounding LDraw needs a Product Management to cope with user'S demands. ;-)

It would be great if TLC would still support the community in a way that they still provide the raw part files to be used and converted into LDraw pieces.

on EB there is also a lot of discussion going on over Mecabricks, the online editor, do you know how the part structure of this tool looks?

Re: LDD is dead? - Philippe Hurbain - 2016-01-21

I tried for years to induce people to use more convenient editors than MLCad (first LeoCAD, then SR3D builder, now LDCad), but with very limited success... Sad

Re: LDD is dead? - Max Martin Richter - 2016-01-21

I tried this sometimes as well. I write about these programs, if there are question about Ldraw in the 1000steine.de Forum and I try to bring this topic into discussion, when I meet people from my local LUG as well. But the success is here very limited too.
Most of the people even don't understand the difference between LDraw/MLCad/LDView/LDCad/etc.
But I have no idea how to bring the 'older' users to newer programs. And to be honest, sometimes I use MLCad as well for modeling - don't know why but sometimes it happens. :-)


Re: LDD is dead? - Gerald Lasser - 2016-01-21

For building I use MLCad as well, I think it is just convenience.

For part editing I do not use MLCAD anymore as it is tedious, LDPE is definitely the SW of choice here

Re: LDD is dead? - Milan VanĨura - 2016-01-21

I agree. LDraw "releases" AIOI every year, including the new SW, but there is no WWW page about what's inside and what it is good for. Not saying about tutorials showing the workflow using more than one SW, for example "How to create LEGO-style instructions: from A to Z, using these applications in row". That's really missing. I know how hard it was for me to find SR3D Builder features, even to get know it exists. And similar with LDCad. It is possible but one has to have really huge patience to read through all that outdated stuff and check every piece of information.

Especially because AIOI is for MS Windows only and there is no central place either for Linux users or Mac users.

What to do with that?

For example: I summarized my workflows in Czech AFOL forum and I may translate it to English. But I do not see any maintained place to put it to. The maintainer of this activity is really missing - or I do not know him.