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Sets 600 - 610 - Michael Heidemann - 2015-12-30

The old / vintage sets should go here.

610 - Rescue Helicopter - Michael Heidemann - 2015-12-30

I could not find any building instruction.

So this is somewhat a guess, based on the pictures found.

The special Brick 2 x 4 with pattern is missing.


Edit: The rotor is now set 8 ldu in y direction.

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Magnus Forsberg - 2015-12-30

According to Brickset there are two sets with the same number. There's also a 610-1 Vintage Car. The helicopter is called 610-2.
How should they be numbered to be OMR compliant?

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Merlijn Wissink - 2015-12-30

The OMR specification calls that '<optional qualifier>'. So, in this case it should be 610-2.

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Stephen - 2015-12-30

Well, I was going to post and say: wouldn't it be embarrassing if you made a mistake on such a simple model ;-)

Then I noticed that your main rotor is 8 ldu too low and clashing with the red studs...

Edit: if this link is anything to go by, the red plating probably isn't quite correct:



Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Michael Heidemann - 2015-12-30

Thank for pointing to these both pages.

But they did not help. The picture (http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/biYAAOSw6EhUTmfv/s-l1600.jpg) shows a model that is not the same than on the official Lego picture. Please count the studs of the tail.

So I think that my approach is still valid. The rotor will be corrected of course.

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Stephen - 2015-12-30

Interesting, and well spotted with the image. But the parts list on toysperiod doesn't match your build either. I wonder if they just guessed their parts list or got their info from somewhere else...

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Stephen - 2015-12-30

Actually, looking at it again, I'm not entirely convinced Smile

It looks to me from the box photo there are 5 studs between the body and the tail. You (and my ebay link image) have 6.

The parts list at rebrickable seems to match that of toysperiod, which doesn't match your build or the ebay build.


What do you think?

Edit: posted wrong link to brickset.

610 - 2 - Rescue Helicopter / second build - Michael Heidemann - 2015-12-30

The attached file should now be correct from OMR file naming scheme.

Additionally I have changed the distance to 5 studs like you said. This looks good to me. I had also taken some inventory, but I think they are wrong (or contain more parts that we need to build the model).


Edit: Shifted the main rotor Smile
Edit: Shifted the main rotor again by 0.5 LDU
Edit: Now with patterned part.

Re: 610 - Rescue Helicopter - Stephen - 2015-12-30

Mmm. What's interesting is that I've now found the same parts list on 3 sites, where the tail plates are 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x4, 2x6 and matching the box-advertised 35 parts, but the only way I can see to build it that way is with the 6 studs to the tail. Either the box image is misleading, or these sites have all wrongly copied each other.