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forum notification e-mail - Steffen - 2011-12-01

Currently, the forum notifications via e-mail have "webmaster@ldraw.org" as sender.
I'd like to ask if this could be changed to something more specific/simpler, like e.g.
ldraw.org Forums Notification
LDraw.org Forums
LDraw.org Forum Notificator Script
LDraw.org Forum Notificator

That would allow me to better sort my e-mails.

The general sender webmaster@ldraw.org should IMHO not be used for this specific task.

(Of course, the "From" text setting can be configured independently from its associated mail address,
so of course the mail address behind the From: text can stay as it is now.
I just want the displayed text in the notification mails changed to something more specific.)

Re: forum notification e-mail - Orion Pobursky - 2011-12-01


Re: forum notification e-mail - Roland Melkert - 2011-12-01

I've also noticed you get an email for every post in the same thread while you not visiting. Is it possible to limit this to one until you visit again?

And maybe subscribe to an entire section (like notification when a new thread is started in the lsc section).

Re: forum notification e-mail - Orion Pobursky - 2011-12-01

I installed a module for this. Since I don't use email notification, let me know if this works for you.

Re: forum notification e-mail - Roland Melkert - 2011-12-02

It seems to work, I've got only one email for a topic that had 4 reply's since last visit.