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Request: LGEO parts library - Jonas Hall - 2015-11-11


I recently had to perform a clean install of my digital Lego softwares, and to render my creations I use LDView along with POV-Ray. As you may know these applications are in need of a parts library (LGEO) with include files (.inc) to properly render all the parts.

The site hosting the LGEO in particular - http://www.digitalbricks.org/lgeo.html - has been down for some time now. I have tried the All-In-One Installer, but the LGEO parts library included doesn't seem to be complete; there are still parts missing.

So my question is if there's anyone out there who has the library from Digitalbricks and would be willing to share it?

The one I have currently stands at about 2136 parts.

Many thanks,

Re: Request: LGEO parts library - Stephen - 2015-11-11

AFAIK, the last LGEO that was available at digitalbricks only had 1530 files, and is still available here: