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Dev.-Break for one Month - Nils Schmidt - 2015-10-13

Dear friends,

due to other things which I have to do and I just do in my free-time [ I play the Cello for about one year... Smile ], I intend to make a little LDraw development break for about a month, but I will still read the forums from time to time.
Just for your information! Smile

Cheers & leg godt


Re: Dev.-Break for one Month - Gerald Lasser - 2015-10-13

Enjoy your time off!

I just used LDPE today for a fast-track part that required only a few teaks, but LDPE made it even quicker :-)

Re: Dev.-Break for one Month - Willy Tschager - 2015-10-14

I wish I would be as lucky as you. I finally managed to move vertices, but I'm somehow lost with all those "Move Manipulator to ..." and the fact that my mouse doesn't allow rotation in the 3D frustrates me to no end.