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Unintentional emoticons - Jean-Philippe Ouellet - 2011-11-30

Emoticon replacement is occurring where it is not called for.

When I type ") it is converted to Wink

This is quite unfortunate when you just want to put strings inside parentheses. See this post as an example. (just try to quote-reply to the message to clearly see what I intended for it to look like)

When you click on the smiley face on top of the message input box and click Wink, it adds ;) so why should ") also be the same face.

Also, I would like to propose that we disable emoticon replacement inside code blocks so that we don't run into things like
foreach $n (0..($segs-1)) {
as found here.

print("Hello World!");
should not read
print("Hello World!");

Note: I am inserting [b][/b] in-between the two characters that make up the emoticon in order to prevent it from being converted to a face.

Edit: This post may not make a whole lot of sense anymore to those who were not here earlier and thus don't know what I'm referring to. Just trust me, there were little yellow smiley faces everywhere... just trust me Tongue

Re: Unintended ;) faces - Tim Gould - 2011-11-30

You're not the first to suffer this. I'll see if I can turn the smileys module off. Code is more important than yellow blobs.


Re: Unintended ;) faces - Jean-Philippe Ouellet - 2011-11-30

Woah! That was fast!

If my first post looks like it exists for no reason... it's because smiley faces used to be there, trust me, they were.

thank you - Steffen - 2011-12-01

I anyway like the ASCII version :-) of smileys better,
so turning the automatic substitution was a Good Choice ™ IMHO

Re: Unintended ;) faces - Orion Pobursky - 2011-12-01

Problem worked around. Module re-enabled for now.

Re: Unintended ;) faces - Tim Gould - 2011-12-01

No it's not! See the original post Wink

I think we should just leave it off. Dealing with code and smileys is always going to prove difficult. Better not to waste time on it IMO.


Re: Unintended ;) faces - Orion Pobursky - 2011-12-01

This is a confirmed bug in the module. I've alerted the developers. And since this is also leading to other inappropriate subs, I'm turning the module back off.