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LICreator - Weight of brick - Jarema - 2015-10-09

I have task to accomplish with calculate total weight of model. bricklink.com and bricker.info have this value.
I look into result of LDMakeList ,use LDFind ,check .dat file without look.
Where is the place to go or method to use for get list of weight of brick.

Re: LICreator - Weight of brick - Max Martin Richter - 2015-10-09

unfortunately the 'LDraw bricks' are created for modeling only. This means, there is no more information saved to a part than its geometry and the tags in the header. Some programmers for modeler software have added connectivity information as well, cause it makes digital building easier.
The only way I see (for the moment): Take you file, try to export it as a file for Brickstock (maybe Brickstock can read in ldr/mpd files by it self - I don't know..) and look at the result... But keep in mind that some parts are can be wrong cause the databases do not match (exactly).


Re: LICreator - Weight of brick - Gerald Lasser - 2015-10-09

You can download the information as an XLS/CSV file from Bricklink (Catalogue -> Catalogue Download, and be sure to check the box for weight) and let the program use this list as a base information.
You have the part number in there and the weight.

Re: LICreator - Weight of brick - Steffen - 2015-10-11

Wow, good question.

I think it should be possible to write a program which calculates the volume which an LDRAW part file encloses
and calculate the weight of a part from that, assuming that it is only made of ABS.

At least as a rough estimate, this could help "weighing" a model.

Re: LICreator - Weight of brick - Jarema - 2015-10-12

Hi guys.
I download xml file from http://www.bricklink.com/catalogDownload.asp.
Parse and convert to INI File format. In this scenario in next release this App can estimate weight of model.
I put in configuration file opportunity to choose name of part that must be excluded from brewing of -- like base plate parts.