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Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Michael Horvath - 2015-09-18

There should be an official LGEO parts library and tracker. The fact that there isn't is completely silly.

Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Steffen - 2015-09-19


Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Damien Roux - 2015-09-19

As there is no standard at all and no rules, I don't think there will be a part tracker ever.

Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Roland Melkert - 2015-09-19

As povray is text based you could just put it on a svn or git based server, no need to build a whole custom environment for it.

But it being large there might be a bandwidth problem if you want to host it yourself.

Alternative would be to go with one of the larger opensource hosting sites.

Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Steffen - 2015-09-27

There need not be standards and rules etc., that was not what was asked about.

As Roland already posted, what is needed is just a revision-controlled server like github
which allows to track the various changes to the LGEO text files.

One would be able to simply see the differences during editing, get access to older or newer versions etc.pp.

Re: 21303 - Wall-E - Reuben Pearse - 2015-09-29

My current conversion and rendering method is as follows:
1) Create model in MLCAD using LDraw parts
2) Use LdrDat2Dxf to export the model to Autocad DXF format
3) Load model into PoseRay then remove the faceted appearance by using "weld vertices" and then "re-calculate normals"
4) If further "smoothing" is needed then use Subdivide feature
5) Save model as OBJ file then export the model from PoseRay into POV-Ray (as mesh2)
6) Render image in POV-Ray - my technique is to use HDR lighting and my colours are based on colors found here:

Here are some recent renders:
[Image: AT-AT_Walker.png]

[Image: xwing.png]