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Running DATHeader without UI - Ronald Vallenduuk - 2015-07-18

Is it possible to run DATHeader without the UI? I know there's a command line option but that still just starts the normal application.
Inspired by some of the build and deploy automation we use in work, what I'd like to do is set up a Powershell script that runs DATHeader every time I save a file and writes the report to a specified location.
Is that currently possible? Is it a feature you could implement in a future version?

Re: Running DATHeader without UI - Michael Heidemann - 2015-09-07

Sorry for being so late with my answer.

Currently it is not possible to work in the way you like. If this will happen in the future, I do not know at present.
But if you are familar with Visual Basic.NET you can get the sourcecode.

Re: Running DATHeader without UI - Michael Heidemann - 2015-09-19

Currently I am working on a version like you are looking for.
It seems, that it should not be much work to just close the app after scanning. Smile

Are you ready for some tests? Then please write an PM to me. My emailaddress should be found easily Smile

I found already yours Smile. You have mail.

Re: Running DATHeader without UI - Michael Heidemann - 2015-10-10

While i am currently on this i try to implement a check on the whole library as well.

Comments and ideas are welcome.


Re: Running DATHeader without UI - Michael Heidemann - 2015-10-16

Now I need additional tests for this feature.

Who is willing to try the current beta that is able to scan, report and optimize the whole library ?

All those activities are done in the background and the function is called from command line. There is no GUI! and it can take hours to complete, depending on the speed of your system :-).