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LPub and friends are re-maintained on github - Milan Vančura - 2015-06-25

Hello everybody.

You probably know that the situation about LPub and other SW needed for LDraw instructions creation is not optimal. One needs to make several utilities to cooperate to be able to do the full work from the idea through LDraw model to final PDF with instructions: the editor, renderers, LPub... And some of those utilities are no longer maintained. The situation is little bit worse on Linux because of some Linux-specific issues (like the fact Linux filesystems are case-sensitive).

I'm glad I can announce the result of our effort to help in this area: we created a github group to collect all SW needed to create the instructions using LPub (in the end). We imported the history of original projects (CVS or SVN), we continue to merge with upstream if it is alive (like for LeoCAD) and, thanks to github, we open a chance for everybody to cooperate: build, test, improve, send patches back. You do not need any special permission like in CVS/sourceforge times! Let's join us!


As you can see it is named ldraw-linux. This may confuse somebody so I clearly say at the beginning: the project started to make those utilities working on Linux, hence the name. But all our patches are Windows-compatible and the only limitation is that we do not have any machine and knowledge to test Windows builds now. Such a help is really appreciated - send me a PM or say here in this thread!

In short: our goal is: join our forces together and make this not only working but even improved!

At the end, I want to thank SUSE company for the hackweek: this allows us to work on any opensource project at work, during that week. And you can see there are really many projects people work on Smile

Re: LPub and friends are re-maintained on github - Milan Vančura - 2015-06-25

The missing information:

what you see at github are SW sources. But we are working on binary packages for several Linux distributions. First versions of openSUSE packages are available and we work on Debian/Ubuntu ones now. Of course, we'd be very glad if somebody with Windows build environment (and knowledge) joins us and so we can release Windows packages as well.

Re: LPub and friends are re-maintained on github - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-06-26

Sounds great! I can test the Windows builds.

Re: LPub and friends are re-maintained on github - Hazen Babcock - 2015-06-27

Looks great!

Would you be willing to add OpenSDraw to your group? It is already on github here.

Thank you,