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70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Christophe Mitillo - 2015-05-22

[Image: 70816-1.jpg]
[Image: lgeo_parts.jpg]

Complete model.
homemade stickers, printed parts and custom parts included.
I've added a few LGEO parts I made or modified for this model.

Feedback welcome


Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Roland Melkert - 2015-05-23

Very nice rendering. I really have to try the new (darat) LGEO parts some time soon. Is it usable for animations or does the render time make that impossible inside a human life span Smile

note: had to visit brickshelf, as your embeded pics don't show.

Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Christophe Mitillo - 2015-05-23

Thanks for your input.
I'm afraid this kind of render is unusable for animation. This image took almost 20 hours to render in its original 4K resolution on my I7 Quad core computer, with tweaked radiosity parameters and full antialiasing.
You should really try DARATS new hires LGEO parts, they are just perfect.

Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Willy Tschager - 2015-05-23

Are you going to submit some of those parts? I just had a quick look but they look good.


Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Damien Roux - 2015-05-23

Very nice render. I always wanted to make it but all the stickers were not available in ldraw yet.

And nice to see that my LGEO parts are used, it's a lot a work, and I didn't get much comments about it. So I will keep on releasing them, there are about 200 left.

Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Christophe Mitillo - 2015-05-24

Parts submited to the parts tracker except the ones I imported from LDD as they require a lot of work to meet the standard of the library.

Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Christophe Mitillo - 2015-05-24

Yes, as I rendered these pictures just a few days ago, they use part of your LGEO parts. I'm glad you decide to keep on releasing them.

Re: 70816 - Benny's Spaceship - Christophe Mitillo - 2015-06-04

Added 2 new LGEO parts for this model: part #11476 and #92582