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Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-06-25

Gerald Lasser Wrote:is there a chance to get the code uploaded to the LPUB project on sourceforge?
The author is not "part of the LEGO community" but I will ask!

Re: LPub3DViewer - Milan VanĨura - 2015-06-25


Please check my announcement - now the development is open at github and we can join our effort. So far, we concentrated on bug fixing - some of most annoying bugs of LPub are already fixed in our branch. I'd be glad if we merge our patches Smile

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-07-01

The source code for this version is here:

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jarema - 2015-07-03

Mattia Zamboni Wrote:PS: I am currently still working on improving ldraw.xml ...
Can you share this file when finish work. I will be glad.

Re: LPub3DViewer - Trevor Sandy - 2015-07-11

Hello Mattia,

Sorry for the dealy but I'm now reading your post. Today I released LPub3D v1.0 which does have a BOM enhancement but not sort by colour. If I had know about your request earlier, I'm sure it would have been possible to incorporate as it seems quite straightforward.

Anyway, I'll put your request on the list of future enhancements.

Can you elaborate a bit (or point to any post) on what you are doing with ldraw.xml and how you see it enhancing LPub?

Kind regards,

Re: LPub3DViewer - Mattia Zamboni - 2015-07-12

Hi Trevor,

Congratulation for LPub3D which I will surely be more than glad to test asap! I will make sure to provide you feedback.
Thank you for considering my suggestion of adding more BOM sorting methods, this is really appreciated.

My Ldraw.xml note was in fact not related to LPub and I personally don't really see a relation.
But just to answer you and Jarema I am currently writing a tutorial in order to allow everybody to generate fixes for the Ldraw.xml file which is used to translate the formats LDD<->Ldraw. I'm personally also generating fixes based on my current need of translating big dioramas from LDD to Ldraw.

As soon as I will be done I will publish both tutorial and Ldraw.xml update, which should hopefully happen before the end of summer.


- Mattia

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-07-14

Trevor Sandy Wrote:...Today I released LPub3D v1.0...
Where can I (we) download? I'd like to test :-)

Re: LPub3DViewer - Philippe Hurbain - 2015-07-14

Here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpub3d/

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-07-15

Thanks. Did I miss that link or should I have guessed it was at sourceforge :-)

Launching LPub3D I got two errors: missing libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll and quazip.dll

I downloaded some versions of these DLL files but none of them seem to work, placing it in the folder where LPub3D_x32.exe is.

Any tips?