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Re: LPub3DViewer - Mattia Zamboni - 2015-06-23

Hi Gerald,

this looks great: I'm glad I am not the only one with this need.
Yes, I do totally understand that it is tricky to be able to come up with a smart algorithm to place parts neatly in the BOM.
In my dream the optimal solution would be -after the automated placement - to be able to move parts around to manually fix things, but this might be complex to program.
Personally since at the end I am importing all the graphics in Photoshop anyways, your solution (even if not perfect) might help because it would still save time!
If I can help you beta testing your code please don't hesitate to ask. BTW, is your updated Lpub version available anywhere?

Thanks for your efforts :-)

- Mattia

Re: LPub3DViewer - Merlijn Wissink - 2015-06-23

You can actually manually move everything around... after you've exported it to a pdf...
The way the pdf is generated is actually quite nice, all text, images etc. etc. aren't flattented to one big image per page, but are just loose components. Because of that, you can easily edit the pdf in a pdf editor of your choice. You can move or delete images, you can alter text etc. etc.

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-06-23

True Merlijn, but one needs to have Acrobat professional or other advanced PDF editor to do that.
Most of them are not free. Unless you have an illegal or hacked version...?
Or do you know or have a free PDF editor that can edit PDF's ?

Re: LPub3DViewer - Gerald Lasser - 2015-06-23

Right now the change is just two lines, but the problem is if you re-size it, then the placement does not work properly. I would like to work that out first before giving the modified code out to test.

Re: LPub3DViewer - Merlijn Wissink - 2015-06-23

True. I personally use Adobe Acrobat Pro. I was able to get a license for a very reduced price a while ago (otherwise I would've never bought it, way too expensive), so I'm using that one since then. I don't really know about good, free pdf editors. I actually never edited pdf's until I got Acrobat...

Re: LPub3DViewer - Milan Vančura - 2015-06-23

Even it is not intended to be a PDF editor, I use inkscape (free and open source) and I'm very happy with that.

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-06-24

Through my cotacts I got this version of LPub that makes it possible to make more than one page BOMs where one can specify what color bricks are on the BOM pages.
Say you have a model with mainly many grey bricks you could generate a BOM page with only grey bricks and a BOM page with all the rest of the used colors. Also usefull for large models!

This modification was done by Jean-Noël Meurisse.

Read more, how to use and download:

Re: LPub3DViewer - Jaco van der Molen - 2015-06-25

I forgot to mention other features too:
  • export one page at a time (very convenient when there is an error only on one page)
  • permits to move callouts on a page with two steps
  • fixed add text
  • added the link to this online manual in the Help menu

Re: LPub3DViewer - Merlijn Wissink - 2015-06-25

The feature to be able to export only 1 page is something I've been missing so many times. Thanks!

Re: LPub3DViewer - Gerald Lasser - 2015-06-25

is there a chance to get the code uploaded to the LPUB project on sourceforge?