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Misused primitives. - Magnus Forsberg - 2015-02-15

Have you found a misused primitive?
Let us know in this thread, and we will fix it.

In a discussion about adding connectivity information to parts based on the primititves, it was pointed out that many parts 'misuse' primitives. They have been
Mario Pascucci Wrote:used as a geometric shape definition library, with defined primitives used as shape shortcut, sometime regardless the primitive meaning and defined purposes.

This thread gathers examples, as suggested here.

Re: Misused primitives. - Magnus Forsberg - 2015-02-15

peghole.dat is misused as a semi-understud, without inner cylinder.

I can find about 10-12 parts using peghole.dat incorrectly.

32556 (yes, 'Technic Pin Long' is using a peghole.dat incorrectly. Funny.)

4727 is allready fixed and uploaded at PT.

Re: Misused primitives. - Magnus Forsberg - 2015-02-15

All of the parts misusing peghole.dat is now corrected and uploaded to the Part Tracker.

Re: Misused primitives. - Mario Pascucci - 2015-02-16

Hi Magnus.

* 32199.dat, 32200.dat, 32201.dat, 32202.dat, 32235.dat, 32580.dat Technic Axle Flexible various length - uses lots of "axlehol8.dat"
* 32062.dat Technic Axle 2 Notched - uses axlehol8.dat, axlehol2.dat, axlehol9.dat
* 99008.dat Technic Axle 4 with Middle Cylindrical Stop - uses axlehol8.dat, axlehol2.dat, axlehol9.dat, axleho10.dat, axlehol3.dat
* 47330.dat, 47300.dat and maybe other parts from Bionicle with ball socket uses various "axlehole-type" primitives for ball support.