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Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc) - Roland Melkert - 2015-07-28

Thanks for those very kind words Milan,

Milan Vančura Wrote:1. to be able to modify LDraw parts as MLCAD knows - but this is questionable, doesn't it make better sense to use a special tool for that? My opinion is that only a part of it is needed - what's the next point:
I think e.g. LDPartEditor is indeed much better suited for this. I did consider adding some part reviewing tools in the 'view' mode though.

Milan Vančura Wrote:2. to be able to edit snapping data comfortably - directly from the editor, visually
This is actually pending for 1.5 as I need it myself to continue adding info to the official parts more efficiently.

Milan Vančura Wrote:3. to know the basics of physics or model logic - like SR3D Builder knew: to be able to bend a hinge including parts snapped to it, or to be able to turn gears if (and only if!) they are in the correct position for that. This is great feature not only for advanced editing but also for model checking (that everything fits at correct positions).
This is a very complicated feature and forces some restrictions upon the model (probably the reason SR3D doesn't like overlapping parts or submodels). My current goal is to allow this through scripting (plugins) but I don't know if it ever will be possible to write an auto solver that way without forcing restrictions onto the model's construction.

Re: LDCad 1.4b windows 10 ??? - Roland Melkert - 2015-07-29

With all the Windows 10 hype...

I'm curious has someone tried LDCad 1.4b or 1.5 Alpha on it?

I don't really expect problems with it though, but please let me know if there are.

Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc) - Owen Dive - 2015-07-30

Hi Roland.

I've finally found time to go through the documentation you've written. I have a few suggested corrections, mainly because English is a shit of a language:
* "(the file has been upgraded to mpd the second you added a second model to it)": suggest "the moment you added...", avoiding two different uses of the word second in quick succession.
* "The only downside of nested editing is you loose control over the submodel references themselves": 'loose' is the opposite of tight. You want 'lose', which is the opposite of gain.
* "you would like to work with a submodel as a whole while retaining the 'leave' behavior": 'leaf' is the singular of leaves. The next sentence also contains 'leave' when you mean 'leaf'.
* "All dynamic parts are managed in a dedicated subfile (like submodel's)": No apostrophe for the plural 'submodels'.
* "don't worry about it being to small or to large": "too small or too large".
* "Currently the rubber band exists out a single circular 'guidance' point": suggest "rubber band consists of a..."
* "To do this you need to first select the current circle this however is currently a problem as its center is obstructed by the wheel it self": suggest "current circle. However, this is...". Also, "it self" -> "itself".
* "lets use this situation to introduce the part hiding feature": Capital Lets to start the sentence.
* "Once you done that": "Once you have done that", or "Once you've done that".
* "If you want to insert a circle between two existing ones be sure to select the one you want it to follow is selected when you using 'ins' to add the new one."
* "always be inserted behind the selected one": suggest 'after' instead of 'behind'. The difference is subtle, but I think 'after' reads better.
* "That's it your band is ready to inspect it in its neutral state switch back to normal editing": suggest "That's it! Your band... neutral state. Switch..."
* "While the shock is now in line with the target pin, it doesn't connect to it as it's currently to long": too long
* "lets (also) try this the non snapping way": you want "let's" here - it's a contraction of 'let us'.

Despite the large list, the page is generally easy to read - mostly they're just nitpicks. There are also undoubtedly some things I missed.


Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc) - Roland Melkert - 2015-07-30

Owen Dive Wrote:Despite the large list, the page is generally easy to read - mostly they're just nitpicks. There are also undoubtedly some things I missed.
Thanks Owen, I'll apply these tweaks when I start working on the groups chapter.