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Patterned parts numbers - Damien Roux - 2011-11-24

Hi all !

As I'm continuing to (slowly) make patterns using Stan's SVG files, a question came to my mind.

For 973 Star Wars patterns we reached 973psz. So what's next ? 973psa1, 973psa2, ... ???

Re: Patterned parts numbers - Damien Roux - 2011-11-28

No one can help on this?

Re: Patterned parts numbers - Willy Tschager - 2011-11-28

Ping the PT admin at "parts(AT)ldraw.org". His sandbox.


Re: Patterned parts numbers - Chris Dee - 2011-11-28

I missed the original forum post. This acted as a "ping".

The "r" range has now been allocated for Star Wars. Please use 973pr0 - 973prz.

Re: Patterned parts numbers - Jude Parrill - 2011-12-10

OK, quick question:

So, "973" is the part number, "p" stands for "Patterned", and the "s" stands for Star Wars, correct? After that, I assume you used "0-9" and "a-z" as identifiers resulting in a total of 36 possible patterns for "s", right?

Here's a thought: wouldn't it simply be easier to use double-char identifier for this? Basically, this would mean 973ps00 - 973ps99, which would allow for 100 possible patterns. Then, if that wasn't enough, you could always resort to 973psa0 - 973psz9 which would give you another 26*10=260 patterns, which would very likely be more than enough, but in the unlikely event that it wasn't, you could move on to 973psaa - 973pszz which would given you an additional 26*26=676 more parts, easily covering it. All told, you would have a total of 1036 possible patterns.

Now you may ask, what theme is going to have over 1000 torsos? The answer is, likely, none. However, consider this: When looking at the current naming conventions, which consists of a single-letter folled by a digit or letter, this only allows for 26*36=936 total possible combinations. Heck, even if we allow for a digit followed by a digit or letter, this results in 36*36=1296 total combinations. Think that's a lot of combinations?

Now consider this, if we look at Bricklink's list of torsos, we see that there are CURRENTLY 1292 torsos, which is only 4 shy of that number. By the end of 2012, I'm sure we'll be past it as LEGO is constantly releasing new torsos. So I ask you this: is it not better to start preparing for this eventuallity now? It is only a matter of time before a 3 letter/digit identifier is needed. Why not get ahead of this now rather than having to have a massive re-naming later on?

Re: Patterned parts numbers - Jude Parrill - 2011-12-10

OK, so I did a quick run through to see how many Star Wars torso there are, and I came up with 168. Given the Star Wars line is still going, this number will continue to increase as well.

This means that the 's' and 'r' ranges still won't cover all the Star Wars torsos (they only allow for 36+36=72 torsos to be covered). Heck, even adding additional two more letters will only bring us up to 144, still not enough, which means we'll need AT LEAST 5 total letters just to cover Star Wars (36*5=180).

Re: Patterned parts numbers - Chris Dee - 2011-12-10

This is traditionally Library Admin territory and I'll address it when I need to.