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Transparent colour names? - Magnus Forsberg - 2015-01-03

Is it written somewhere how we should write colour names in the part descriptions?

I have noted that many different abbreviations are used:
Trans Orange

Is anyone better than the other? Should we standardize how to write it?

Physical Colour Shortcuts must mention the colour of the part, but how? As it is now we seam to use two types.
Either written in full, Dark_Bluish_Grey, or in hard brackets [72].

Re: Transparent colour names? - Michael Heidemann - 2015-01-03

For Physical Colour Shortcuts DATHeader check for the existing of the square brackets with the number.

Re: Transparent colour names? - Chris Dee - 2015-01-03

The Physical Colour section of the library is admittedly a mess and the naming and organisation needs some serious thought. Hopefully this is something I can get to this year.

Re: Transparent colour names? - Steffen - 2015-01-05

the different spellings can e.g. be seen here