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happy 2015! - Santeri Piippo - 2014-12-31

I wish everybody in LDraw a very happy and bricky 2015!

I wanted to make a part to celebrate this but I got kind of occupied slash lazy so yeah. I think this is forming into a habit of sorts.

Re: happy 2015! - Magnus Forsberg - 2014-12-31

Happy new year everyone
Looking forward to another year of new parts and many reviews


Re: happy 2015! - Orion Pobursky - 2015-01-01

Happy New Years to all.
My New Years resolution is to get more stuff done here on the website.

Re: happy 2015! - Philippe Hurbain - 2015-01-01

Happy New Year all !!!!

Re: happy 2015! - Max Martin Richter - 2015-01-01

Happy new year from my side as well!!!
I'll try to get as least as productive as in the last year...


Re: happy 2015! - Michael Heidemann - 2015-01-01

Also a Happy New Year from me.
First of all I wish all people to keep a good health through 2015!

Re: happy 2015! - Steffen - 2015-01-02

I also like to send you best wishes for you and your families for 2015,
and keep on enjoying ldraw!