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Troublemakers - Willy Tschager - 2014-12-17


as the end of the year closes in you're might interested in some figures. Below you'll find the top ten of people who have a lot to say in this forum:

Name - Number of posts since start

Philippe Hurbain - 1253
Tim Gould - 1109
Orion Pobursky - 1040
Michael Heidemann - 1036
Roland Melkert - 1003
Willy Tschager - 936
Steffen - 872
Travis Cobbs - 789
Chris Dee - 640
Michael Horvath - 402


PS. From a personel point of view I'd like to ask Roland to keep quiet for a while - otherwise he'll get totally out of reach.

Re: Troublemakers - Travis Cobbs - 2014-12-17

But, did you post this just to pad your own number? (For that matter, did I?)

Re: Troublemakers - Willy Tschager - 2014-12-18

D***, I didn't think it was so obvious!

Re: Troublemakers - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-12-18

Always amazed to be so chatty...

Re: Troublemakers - Willy Tschager - 2014-12-18

What was your day job, Mr. Hurbain?

Re: Troublemakers - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-12-18

What _is_ my dayjob? Electronics engineer. But business is very low, explaining some free time Wink

Re: Troublemakers - Orion Pobursky - 2014-12-18

I'd just like to point out that I am posting here to pad my numbers...

Re: Troublemakers - Roland Melkert - 2014-12-18

I never been called a trouble maker before Smile

I did notice passing the 1000 mark this week though, as I never had that happen on any forum.

Bit disappointing though nothing happened no balloons or confetti, not even bouncing playing cards....

ah well onward to 2000 Smile

Re: Troublemakers - Steffen - 2014-12-18

kchchchch Big Grin

this thread should be linked to the part author statistics, so I post that link here:

usually I update that statistics after each new parts update, just being curious.

and of course, each part authoring is appreciated, even if you only create 1.
this is not a race Smile

Re: Troublemakers - Santeri Piippo - 2014-12-31