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Re: LDView POV Export - Tore Eriksson - 2011-11-29

Orion Pobursky Wrote:
Tore Eriksson Wrote:> The only way I see is that inline POV still is
> supported by LDView (but strongly discouraged by
> the LDraw Elite, so for how long...?)
> Only in Official Library files. You own personal
> stuff is perfectly fine.

That's not the impression I get when I read all these Warnings generated by L3P about IFPOV etc statements being... I don't remember the exact word but kind of a synonym to discontinued or obsolete, implying that they soon no longer will be supported. This I believe was also confirmed when I protested at LUGnet.

But if this is the current policy, I am happy and relieved. Please don't change your minds again!


Re: LDView POV Export - Orion Pobursky - 2011-11-29

Trust me. It was never the intent to "ban" these commands outright. In fact it's kind of impossible for us to do that. However, I would like to say that a community built POV library would be awesome. My small effort on this front (the LPov project) never really caught on.

RE: LDConfig Confusion - Michael Horvath - 2018-03-03

(2011-11-24, 2:44)ToreĀ Eriksson Wrote: But me being over-tired or not,

Colours 21, 66, and 67
21 Glow_In_Dark_Opaque VALUE #E0FFB0 EDGE #A4C374 ALPHA 250 LUMINANCE 15
66 Rubber_Trans_Yellow VALUE #CAB000 EDGE #8E7400 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
67 Rubber_Trans_Clear VALUE #FFFFFF EDGE #C3C3C3 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
generate the same POV error after being run through L3P v1.4 Beta:

#declare L3Texture21 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(224,255,176,0,250,15)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture66 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(202,176,0,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture67 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(255,255,255,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

Seems like this L3TextureOtherRGBFAL thingie is never being defined?


I just encountered this same issue, LOL. This thread is the only Google result when searching by the macro's name.