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Most frequently used parts ? - Magnus Forsberg - 2014-12-03

Following the creation of this list, I now wonder what parts I should rework first.
Is there some way to compare the list of non-BFC'd parts with a list of the most frequently used parts?

The only site I know of that have part statistics is this page at Rebrickable, but it only lists the 8 most common parts.

I've recently cleaned more monorail parts, but how often are these parts used? I don't want to spend time on a part that is rarely used.

Re: Most frequently used parts ? - Gerald Lasser - 2014-12-03

I picked a car door, can you check if it is fine?

I would do more then (ignore the MLCAD remains for now)


Re: Most frequently used parts ? - Max Martin Richter - 2014-12-03

Looks good. It just need to run through rectifier. ;-)


Re: Most frequently used parts ? - Gerald Lasser - 2014-12-03

Alright, I just took the part as is and reordered the triangles to be BFC..., but I can see the benefit of "rectifying" it :-)