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Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Chris Dee - 2014-12-06

I like this solution.

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Roland Melkert - 2014-12-06

What would happen (in mlcad) if you use a con line with control point(s) identical to (one of) the line point(s). That way the line wouldn't cause problems in other software as it should be filtered out being invalid and all.

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Steffen - 2014-12-17

once we have decided how to implement a dummy empty contents, we should put it to P\empty.dat or
P\nothing.dat and reference that file from wherever we need an empty content.

this way the dummy implementation is centrally located in a single file and can be adjusted when necessary.

otherwise, it would be repeated in multiple files. this is something which we should avoid.

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-12-17

You mean that 1-16.chrd should reference an empty.dat ? Why not ... (though I don't foresee much more usages of empty file...)

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Chris Dee - 2014-12-17

Yes, I agree with Steffen. Isn't there a lo-res stud somewhere that is empty?

Does Roland's suggestion work in MLCad?

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-12-18

Quote:Does Roland's suggestion work in MLCad?
Yes it does. But I got another idea: if we prefix the line with 0 MLCAD HIDE, it makes MLCad happy (tested) and for sure will be invisible from anything other program, either because it will treat line as a comment, or if it knows about MLCad meta, make it hidden.
0 MLCAD HIDE 5 24 0 0 0 0.0001 0 0 0.0001 -0.0001 0 0 0 0
I made more tests with 1x1 round tile. My first idea was to include the 1-16chrd primitives at subpart level, but then I get an overlap with the 4-4disc of plain tile (with primitive substitution enabled). Not so annoying because they have the same color, but it would be an issue for a colored primitive ring. So they must be used at main part pattern level. To avoid the chore of using 16x 1-16chrd primitives for each and every round tile pattern, I propose to create a new primitive for this, a 4-4 adapter ring. Question, how to name it (there is already a 48\4-4aring)?

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Travis Cobbs - 2014-12-18

While that violates official library restrictions, I think I prefer it, to the point of saying that perhaps an exception should be added to the official library restrictions. Even if programs don't spit out a warning that the conditional line is invalid, it's hard to argue against such a warning being good.

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Steffen - 2014-12-18

that's a nice solution.

I think we should allow this as an exception to the rules to make the empty file possible
AND not break MLCad.

Once a fixed version of MLCad [at some fine day] is out, we can replace the empty file's contents
to be really empty, and/or remove the references to it.

I need that empty file as well (my suggestion to name it in fact is P\empty.dat).
These low-res implementations of the LEGO logo need to be empty in low-res:

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Damien Roux - 2015-01-03

What about naming it 4-4ering (like "emptyring")

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea... - Steffen - 2015-01-05

the file is already present on the PT as "empty.dat":

I do not like your suggestion of "empty ring", because
I cannot imagine what an "empty ring" should be.
And if this would be an empty ring, then wouldn't it also be an "empty sphere"?
Empty is empty. Alternative names could be "nothing" or "nil" etc.

I also now uploaded the 1-16chrd.dat to the PT: