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LPub - Controlling camera - mightyseek - 2014-07-02

I created a model in LeoCAD, but when I render the instructions using LPub some of the views of the assembled model are hard to follow because of the camera angle. For example the new pieces are hidden behind existing ones. If I could adjust the camera angle, I could solve this, but I have not been able to figure out how to do this.
Are there entries I can make in the dat file or some extra ini file?

Thanks for your help!


Re: LPub - Controlling camera - Merlijn Wissink - 2014-07-02

You need to add Rotation Step commands into your file. I don't know if it's possible in LeoCAD (there's a high chance it is.
Here you can read more about rotation steps (in MLcad).

Re: LPub - Controlling camera - Nathanel Titane - 2014-07-03

You can edit and redraw the steps from within LPub's model editing panel by specifying 0 ROTSTEP X Y Z prior to the step you ade trying to modify. No need for another editor. Make sure to save your file to keep and include the modificafions you've made.