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Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Michael Horvath - 2014-05-10

virtualrepublic Wrote:The ultimate renderstresstest with over 5.000 bricks what will take full 32 GB of RAM and patience. Check out the 8K version with impressive details:

Not true. The ultimate render stress test can be found here:


[Image: 11863788266_11ceabbf46_b.jpg]

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Stan Isachenko - 2014-05-17

virtualrepublic, can you send source files (blender) of those renders, please. I want to see how do you conifgure materials, light etc cause I never use blender before.

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Michael Klein - 2014-05-18

They are not rendered in Blender. It's MODO. I use Blender for import/export only.

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Steffen - 2015-03-15

I'm falling off my seat for these impressive renders.

Question: the 3D logos are on the parts tracker in the meantime.


Do these work for you? Did you use one of them for the 3D logo?

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Oh-Seong KWON - 2015-03-24


Amazing Crazy Unbelievable Quality that I'd ever seen 0_o;;;;

Please, lead me this new rendering world step by step like saying to 3 year old boy at your earliest convenient time.

Thank you very much for your endeavor and trying.


Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Travis Cobbs - 2015-03-24

The quality is crazy good, but the images are made with Modo, a commercial program whose web site lists its price as being "From £999" (€1169, $1495).

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Andrew Ferris - 2015-06-01


This is hands-down the best render I've seen. Due to the complexity of your initial researching and trial and error, would you expect to have a tutorial anytime soon? I would love to be able to recreate this.


Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Michael Horvath - 2015-07-18

I would like a tutorial too. I have not used Blender extensively so am unfamiliar with it.

Re: Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++ - Damien Roux - 2015-07-18

Here the renderer is not Blender but Modo.
I don't think there is any tutorial available as the method is far from straight forward.