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SR 3D Builder - Sergio Reano - 2014-02-20

Hi everybody,

here is another update of my SR 3D Builder.
It is a bit long since my last post on this forum and a lot of new functions have been added.
Here are the most significative. For a complete list, please refer to my application history web page

Download as usual from http://sr3dbuilder.altervista.org/


A lot of enhancements in selection copy. Some limitation with unregistered version.
it is recommended to look at the videos for new features instructions
- the mirror copy selection feature
- Selection can now be easily duplicate in a rectangular array region or just its perimeter
- Creation of regular polygons based on your current selection and two connection points
- Creation of star based shapes based on a selection and a center rotation point
- Support for Mindstorm cables
- Support for Power Function cables (still some little bug in the shape)


Re: SR 3D Builder - Michael Horvath - 2015-07-15

I am trying to load Datsville in SR 3D Builder version and get this error:

"Found 1 parts duplicated in the model file. These parts need to be removed to load selected model. Proceed?"

I would like to have more info, such as which part and which model. Thanks!

Also, is SR 3D Builder 32-bit? It ran out of memory and I got an exception.