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Rim 15038 - Max Martin Richter - 2014-02-17

today I was visiting my local LEGO Dealer and got some time to look into his box for rims. I found some rims of set 41999. Okay, that's nothing special, but while doing second look, I found this:
[Image: 5649-1392658675.jpg]
[sub]Please note, that the rim on the right side is correct. The rim on the left side is a misprint - the other side of this rim is not printed.[/sub]



Re: Rim 15038 - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-02-17

Maybe a few parts got mis-oriented, and then they put them back on the screening machine to print the other side and "save" them?

Re: Rim 15038 - Max Martin Richter - 2014-02-17

No, there is only one side printed. I can send you some more pictures by mail, if you want.