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Re: 98284.dat error - Travis Cobbs - 2014-06-13

Based on your description, it certainly sounds like your computer is confused about LDraw paths. My suggestion would be to delete all ldraw directories on your computer (or move them somewhere out of the way), and then manually reinstall the latest complete LDraw parts library from LDraw.org. That guarantees that you have a non-corrupt library, and if any apps are pointing to a different location, they won't work at all. Then, update any LDraw-based software that isn't working to point to the location of the newly installed library.

Re: 98284.dat error - Willy Tschager - 2014-06-13

And don't forget a possible virtualisation to:

C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local \VirtualStore

on Windows Vista or higher


Re: 98284.dat error - Travis Cobbs - 2014-06-13

That's a really good point that I hadn't considered. LDView assumes it has write access to the LDraw directory when it auto-downloads unofficial parts. If the LDraw directory is in program files, those writes go into the virtual store. I think I would recommend moving your LDraw directory to somewhere that doesn't do that, like C:\ldraw, or inside your user directory.