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Speed racer series - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18

Hello to all,
I will upload the Speed racers models that I made.
You can use it freely, I give it 'Free ONLY for NON-Commercial Use'.
At the time are referred as "Unofficial model" but only because they were not verified by other people.
In case of errors or problems reported me. Thanks.

Here are some notes for possible improvements

They collected all the models of the Speed racers series.

There are 4 box-sets that I organized in the following way :
1 ldr file for every vehicle;
1 mpd file for the vehicle with mobile part and/or with independent structure (building).

If there are moving parts (hooks, trailers , tippers, ...) I created more ldr files for a single vehicle in order to simplify a possible next animation .
In order not to complicate the archive, however, the wheels have been incorporated into the one file ldr of the vehicle.

The basic idea is to assign names to the following :
xxxx [x] - [z] - [u]
xxxx [x] is the code box ( four or five digits)
z is the progressive optional for different independent models inside the box
u is a letter optional for the parts that make up the model, and that can move between them.

As for the choice of colors, I tried to respect those provided by Lego, but it is possible that some have escaped me.

I did not use stickers: I do not like in real life and I prefer not to use them even in the virtual world.

I did not create the minifigures.

Ldr files were introduced in the steps for building: do not reflect the official ones of the instruction manual.
The models are built bottom-up , the last pieces of the vehicles are always wheels and tires.

The vehicles are all oriented with the longitudinal axis x and muzzle in a positive direction.

Some parts, used to build the models, are not yet available in the official version LDraw.
If there is at least the unofficial version, I've used it.
There are still some parts are not available.
What follows is the list of the missing parts in each model.

In 8158 it miss the hub cap 62359 and it use the unofficial mudguard 62361
In 8159 it miss the hub cap 62359 and it use the unofficial mudguard 62361
In 8160 it miss the hub cap 62359 and it use the unofficial mudguard 62361
In 8161 it use the unofficial mudguard 62361

Because the vehicles of Racer-X in 8159 and 8160 box-set are the same, I don't duplicate the file.

Now stop write, it's time to load the models!
I hope you enjoy them as I liked building them!

8158 - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18


8159 - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18


8160 - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18


Note: the file 8160-1 is the equal to the attached 8159-1.

8161 vehicles - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18


Vehicles of 8161 box-set

8161 building - Massimo Maso - 2014-01-18


Buildings of the 8161 box-set

Re: Speed racer series - Michael Horvath - 2014-01-19

Those are some very nice models. Are they based on the Speed Racer cartoon?

Which free license do you mean? There are several. The Creative Commons family of licenses are popular these days. CC BY-SA is used by Wikipedia for instance, as well as by Datsville.

If your models are based off the cartoon, however, I'm not sure which one if any you can choose.

Re: Speed racer series - Jude Parrill - 2014-01-19

No, they're based on the movie that was released a few years back (although obviously that was based off the cartoon). These are the official sets LEGO released when they aquired the license. Unfortunately, the movie didn't really do that great (although I liked it) and I don't think the sets sold all that well, so LEGO discontinued it after just 4 sets. It was a shame, because I bought a couple, and they were very nicely designed with some cool minifigs as well.

Re: Speed racer series - Michael Horvath - 2014-01-20

Oops. I didn't realize they were based on official sets.

Re: Speed racer series - Tim O. - 2014-02-05

Great models! How did you create them?

I was interested in importing these to Blender 3d for animating, but I notice that these particular models, the parts don't quite work when imported. Most models, the bricks are a single "piece" if you grab an edge and move it, the piece will deform to stay as a single mesh. With these, if you move a face, it pops off the block.

It matters in trying to increase the vertices for a smoother brick that looks great in a render. I'm just curious what's different here than in many of the other models (including your own Tiny Turbos).