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54200 Shape modification - Request and proposal - Arthur Sigg - 2013-12-16

Hi at all,

I know there are bigger fish to fry, but I would ask to modify the part geometry of 54200, if anyone considers this to be relevant enough: Slightly rounded edges and remarkable rounded upper two corners, if that would steel not too much of your rar and worthful time.

50746 is declared as an Alias of 54200 with the following remark: 54200 is used for moulding opaque parts, 50746 for transparent parts. Following Brickset's Parts Browser I can see no such affiliation for older (no more manufactured) parts, also 50746 had opaque surfaces.



Re: 54200 Shape modification - Request and proposal - Michael Heidemann - 2013-12-16

Thanks for your post.

Is there a real benefit for pictures if we use a more complex geometry on such small parts? I like detailed parts, but if I read on the other side that we running into problems because of too many triangles in the complete model, I doubt that this is a good idea.
But that are my private thoughts. Maybe the majority has another point of view in this matter.