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Re: Buf3D lego instructions support - Antonio Cortés Carrillo - 2014-02-01

Yes, the preferences menu sometimes appears, sometimes not, but we don't see where the problem is. Usually open in two or three attempts, but the menu disappears? ops, this is new. We continue to look the error. Thank you.

Re: Buf3D lego instructions support - Antonio Cortés Carrillo - 2014-02-06

Hello Steffen, Jason and Ignacio. The new version fixes some problems (not all):

* Support for standard ActionBar (compatible version with the old android 2.1)
* Back Button no longer running last app.
* Wrong words in english
* Back button no longer accesses to model load

In addition:
* Full screen in android 4.4

* Some bugs to cancel loading
* Background color (more accessible)
* Background image
* Preference screen incorrect display

Re: Buf3D lego instructions support - Jason Smith - 2014-02-07

Works great now, thank you. I'll keep messing with it and see what else I can find.

Re: Buf3D - Steffen - 2014-10-19

just a small question:
is there an option so I can see the list of models in a folder _sorted_?
I kind of get quite annoyed to have to scroll through the whole list and see it un-sorted...

Re: Buf3D - Antonio Cortés Carrillo - 2014-10-20

Hi Steffen.

No, there is no option to see it sorted... we'll have to think about it for a future release Wink

Re: Buf3D - Antonio Cortés Carrillo - 2014-10-27

A new version of Buf3D (1.41027), supports sort models by name.