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a topic - his shoes? WHACK - 2013-12-05


Re: LDR Importer - Steffen - 2013-12-05

this will be the reason for me to try Blender the first time after long years of POVRay.
thank you for sharing this!

Re: LDR Importer - his shoes? WHACK - 2013-12-09

but me

Re: LDR Importer - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-12-10

Wow! glad you choose one of my most complex "babies" for this image Wink The EV3 would have looked good in this color!

Re: LDR Importer - Michael Horvath - 2014-01-07

Too bad about the lack of MPD support. Most of my models are MPD. Sad

Re: LDR Importer - Michael Heidemann - 2014-01-07

You can use MPDCenter to combine what you need into one single LDR file!
But there is no possibility to split that file later again into its components.
So for viewing purpose you can have what you like.

Re: LDR Importer - Travis Cobbs - 2014-01-07

You can always use a tool like MPDCenter to create a non-MPD version of your model so that you can then use this importer.

Re: LDR Importer - his shoes? WHACK - 2014-01-17

im fly

Re: LDR Importer - his shoes? WHACK - 2014-01-17

as all get out

Re: LDR Importer - his shoes? WHACK - 2014-01-18

as an ant