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Website theme - Orion Pobursky - 2011-07-26

We're transitioning to a new CMS. It make this the perfect time to modify the website theme.

There are a couple of discussion points here:
- I'll take submissions from anyone on a theme. No code knowledge is required just graphics
- What do you think of the theme here on the forums? Should we make the main site match?
- Should we do nothing and simply convert the existing theme?

Re: Website theme - Willy Tschager - 2011-07-26

Since we are there I would opt for a site that is centered (something like bricklink.com or brickset.com) and has a fixed width of 1024. This would make sure that we have a little bit more control on how text spreads on a page. I would also reuse the icons we have and I'm fine with the decent color tone of the site.

I really do not know if we should keep the news character - we do not generate much news! I guess a block right below the prominent links for announcements is enough. Instead we definitely need more room for the "prominent" links (currently at the top). Ideally the center should be filled with blocks telling a bit more about Download, Forums, Tutorials, Specs. Therefore we could go for:
  • Logo
  • Login, Account, search
  • Dropdown linkbar (currently at the right)
  • What is Ldraw?
  • Announcments
  • Blocks for Download, Forums, Tutorials, Specs.
  • Disclaimer

The blocks on the right stay where they are.


Re: Website theme - Orion Pobursky - 2011-07-26

I was thinking about moving to a main area with blocks on the right and the menu on top. Thoughts?

Re: Website theme - Robin Chang - 2011-08-02

As long as we keep the forum theme consistent with that of the main site, I'll be a happy camper Smile