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LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2013-10-05

I just released the new version of LDFind.

Now the new folder /p/8 is also scanned.

Now you can specify an application of your choice and open a file from the listbox by right-click in that application.

LDFind can be downloaded from http://ldraw.heidemann.org/index.php?page=ldfind

Re: LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2013-10-06

I just discovered a tiny bug.
If you use LDFind with parts.xml then the preview of the header data will miss the username in the history entries.
I have already fixed this but I think this is not worth a new version.

If someone really needs this, please leave your comment here and i will release a bugfix shortly.

Re: LDFind - Christian Neumann - 2014-01-02

After a clean installation on Windows 7 x64, LDFind shows a "Viewer could not build the file" message when started. Second, none of the options e.g. "paths" are saved if i don't choose "run as Administrator".
Maybe you can give me a hint how to see the preview images?

Re: LDFind - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-01-02

I guess this is once again an UAC issue... LDFind works great for me on the same system, but then it is installed in C:\LDraw\Apps\LDFind, not in Program files folder...

Re: LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2014-01-02

Thanks Philo for answering that question.

But I'll have a look at the code. I am running on Win8-64bit so it should be nearly the same and I also do _not_ like to run all applications as admin Smile

I have copied my version in "C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\LDFind\LDFind.exe" and all runs fine.
As the dll for the viewer isn't ready for 64bit you need to put all the files in the x86 folder.

Re: LDFind - Christian Neumann - 2014-01-02

Thank you for your replies. The problem with not saving the paths is gone... to be exact, i think i didn't hit the "save" button. After clearing the LocalAppData folder, it works fine.

But i am still not able to get the preview to work. I moved the LDFind folder from C:\LDraw\Tools\LDFind to C:\Program Files (x86)\LDFind, but nothing changes. If i rename the LDVLib.dll, i get an exception error message, so the application is definitively using it.

Re: LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2014-01-02

Are you using the .NET enviroment or the MONO Enviroment ? I guess .NET, but I have to ask.

Also, do you have LDView installed on your system? Works that on your machine ?

Re: LDFind - Christian Neumann - 2014-01-02

I have MS .Net 4.5.1 installed. LDView v4.2 Beta 1 works fine, but i use the x64 version.

Re: LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2014-01-02

At present I do not know what happen. I remember that there where some issue with UAC on one of my apps. But I think it wasn't LDFind.
I have to search in the Forum for this. May take a while...

Re: LDFind - Michael Heidemann - 2014-01-02

It might be that I build LDFind with the option - for all systems.
That would start LDFind as 64bit application. But the dll is still only valid for 32 bit applications.

Do you get any other message, or only that the viewer could not be inizialised?

Please do me a favour and download also LDStructure or DATHeader. Both working with the same dll and with the same code. If none of that tools shows something then it could be difficult.