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Electric wire brick - Roland Melkert - 2013-09-20

I find the existing electric wire brick (5306.dat) somewhat weird.

I would like to have a second version in the official library without the wire stump. That way it is usable for curved wires without breaking coloring (the stump uses hardcoded poly and edge colors).

This could be fixed by moving the main body of this part to a subpart so the 5306 itself consists out of a single ref and the stump stuff (for backwards comp).

I could then use the subpart in my LDCad's deform generator without having weird color stuff going on (bricks 0, wire 16), it also makes sharper bends at the start of wires possible.

edit: Also the wire should be round and not square imho

Hope this makes sense, thanks.

Re: Electric wire brick - Max Martin Richter - 2013-09-20

Roland, as you can see, I have uploaded the 2726c01 and 2726c01 brick to the library. I have to check the latest issues with this file, so that it can be released with the next update.
Furthermore I'm working on another variant of wire brick, with a closed bottom. I will upload these files soon.


Re: Electric wire brick - Roland Melkert - 2013-09-20

Thanks, seems you posted those over a week ago.

So ether part authors are breaking the laws of nature or I've should have looked better before asking Smile

Anyway thanks.

Re: Electric wire brick - Travis Cobbs - 2013-09-20

Maybe Max is friends with John Cramer, and Cramer has secretly been successful some time in the 6 years since this article was written.

Re: Electric wire brick - Max Martin Richter - 2013-09-20

No, I think, I can remember that I put this on PT some days ago ;-)
But I have to update 5306c01.dat to the new cable. BTW: does anybody know, what Brick is used with this cable?