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Full Version: dead links
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there are still some links online on ldraw.org, dating from the server transition.

they contain the URL "new.ldraw.org", pointing to nowhere now.


can we grep for those somehow and replace?
I also just noticed that our syntax specification


lacks the description for custom RGB values
That page isn't the active one (old layout?)

This is:

It's the very first site. I urged Chris to take the whole thing down and I'm sure he did. Could be that it has been restored in a backup. Chris?

I've not restored anything.
I can kill or redirect links like that. I'll work on it this weekend.
It is not that outdated page alone that can be reached.

Summarize so far:
http://www.ldraw.org/reference/ - the whole folder "reference" is outdated
http://www.ldraw.org/community/ - the whole folder "community" is outdated

I am also not shure about http://www.ldraw.org/library/, but the documents showing there might link to wrong places.

Just noticed this one on the successfully submitted parts page:
Which is meant to link to the rules for Part of the Month. The link is dead but does potm still exist?
POTM along with all the other contests are inactive at the moment.
I have (temporarily) removed that notice from the successfully submitted parts page.