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Full Version: Texture files for EV3 stickers
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Because of the complexity of the pattern ("ageing effect"), I made stickers for EV3 using TEXMAP extension. Since the parts tracker doesn't yet allow submitting texture files, I place them here.
- download and save the attached file
- rename it to .zip instead of .txt
- open it and place the "texture" folder of the zip in the parts folder where you placed the sticker files.

You will be then able to see EV3 stickers using software that support TEXMAP extension: LDView, LDCad, Bricksmith and LeoCAD. Other ones will only show a white sticker, as I haven't created any fallback texture.
I've placed all 14 panels in one file, for easy file handling and reviewing.
Thanks Magnus, I should have done that... Nice humanoid structure Wink
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Since the parts tracker doesn't yet allow submitting texture files

As far as I remember it's 'cos the rules are stuck in the LSC insce November 2012.