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Full Version: Problems with Windows 8
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Thanks Travis for stepping in here. My Win 8 also has the option for all exe files.
It occurred to me that the "Run as administrator" option may go away if you completely disable UAC, since it's pointless in that setup. It's visible even then in Windows 7; I'm not sure about Windows 8.
Thanks for all your replies, and sorry for the long silence (have been very busy lately - with non LEGO projects!). Everybody who has replied about "execute as administrator" for .exe files - are you using a Sony Vaio computer?? I have discovered that Sony has made a LOT of specialised changes to the system! Wish I had known this before I bought the laptop!! I have managed to install POV-Ray - to its default location when I click on "install"! Now, how do I link to to the LDraw files??
You have to generate the POV-Files by LDView or something else, then you can open the .pov files with POV-Ray...

To turn off all the Vaio stuff, you should try to make a clean installation of your OS. Try to get a clean copy of windows and reinstall your complete machine. (Note: be sure to make a backup of all your files before, Note2: You are doing this on your own risk ;-) )

hi there,

I have just recently installed LDraw on my windows 8 laptop. When the download had finished,
it only installed the following programmes:
MLcad 3.4
SR 3D Builder
LDview 4.1
LDGlite 1.2.5
sticker generator 3.1
and LDFind
LDraw had not turned up and I was a little worried.
Do you know what is wrong? and what I can do to fix it?

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but I think you're expecting an "LDraw" program to be on your computer. LDraw isn't really a program any more. In fact, the original DOS programs won't even run on 64-bit Windows versions (which are the norm now). "LDraw" is the parts library used by all the LDraw-based programs. You would use MLCad, LeoCAD, or SR 3D Builder to create LDraw models.

Yes I was expecting just one folder titled 'LDraw' but I didn't know you couldn't get one untill you said.

thanks again,

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