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Full Version: Iron Man and Captain America
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Hi all,

I've seen that MagFors has been busy working on some Iron Man parts :-)

I noticed that on the image for set 76007 (Iron Man : Malibu Mansion Attack) that the visor appears to have a hinge. Is that correct? How does the hinge mechanism work?
See images here:

BTW I recently rendered an Iron Man using POV-Ray...
A copy of the LDraw file for this figure is available here:

I found Captain America's shield here:
Is anyone working on any other Captain America parts?

One final question - what is the correct hair part for Tony Stark?

Bye for now

Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:
Hi Reuben,

I'm glad to see that someone is having fun with my files.

[Image: iron_men.png]

All my uploaded parts so far is found here
Three complete Iron Man suits and Tony Stark. The War Machine and Iron Patriot are still work in progress.
I'll soon start with the Heartbreaker suit, and plan to finish with Pepper Potts.

Do you know of any really good pictures of Captain America?
[Image: sh014.jpg?1]
Captain America is now at the Part Tracker.
The Iron Man figures look really good :-)

I've added an LDR file of Iron Man in a standing pose to my website:

Have you seen these promotional posters Lego used before the release of the Iron Man 3 film earlier this year?

Bye for now

I just uploaded the Heartbreaker suit and Pepper Potts to the Part Tracker.
Now I'm waiting eagerly for someone to publish good pictures of the Iron Patriot backside pattern.
I've now completed my Iron Man suite.
All eight minifigs are now at the Part Tracker

[Image: iron_men.png]

Attached to this is a file with all eight minifigs; Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, four Iron Man suits, War Machine and Iron Patriot.
Thanks for all your hard work to share that beautiful parts with us Smile