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Full Version: 60920
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'ello folks, long time no see! (again)

I've been contemplating about modeling the part 60920, which is the wing part found in the Antroz set in 2008. I'll need to get my tool set back and get the color 216 quadrilaterals off me, but I'd believe I can manage this one.

One little question, though - the part seems to be black with blended dark red - how am I supposed to deal with this? The first idea that comes to mind is to subpart the mostly dark red "base" bit from the totally black wing blade and make two composites: a 60920.dat where both parts are of main color and 60920p01.dat where the base is dark red and the blade is black.

Would this be the way to go or do we have a new standard for this kind of parts?

- Santeri
I'm pretty sure we haven't discussed how to model the two color, blended parts but your approach seems valid.