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Full Version: Any DAT file editors that let you view 1 line at a time?
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Are there any DAT file editors that let you view 1 line at a time similar to what the original LDraw's Ledit does? The problem with Ledit is it can't handle type 5 lines if you save the file it will turn them into type 5 lines.
I find MLCad's "draw to selection only" feature useful when editing .dat files (along with the ability to easily hide/unhide whole sections at a time).
LDView isn't an editor, and it doesn't exactly do what you are asking, but its Model Tree view will in fact let you highlight one line at a time. This even works in a useful way with line type 5 lines. (The highlight is drawn even if the type 5 is in a location where it wouldn't normally be drawn.) It doesn't work when you select a type 1 line where the referred model is purely edge or highlight lines (like 4-4edge.dat), but it does work when you select an actual type 2 or type 5 line. It also highlights all the triangles and quads in a selected sub-model when you select a type 1 line.
Thanks for the replies, I've downloaded MLCad and will try out the features.