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Full Version: PF Motors with cables attached
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Is there a naming convention for a "complete" Motor, i.e. with cable and plug?

LEGO shows PF-motors in their building instructions complete with cables. What would be the name of such a part? Or do you think it is better to use the PLI Substitution with an custom designed part (motor + LSYNTH cable + Plug)?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

If your motor has the number XXXX.dat, you can create a XXXXc01.dat assembly
consisting of the motor plus LSYNTHed cable plus plug.

Such a thing for example would be useful to show in a set inventory.

So the arrangement of the cable should be done "visually pleasing".

My suggestion would be to only do this if the cable is firmly attached to the motor
and cannot be removed by the user.
If the latter is the case, the 2 clearly are 2 separate parts,
and should also be shown that way in a set's inventory.
The cable is a part of the motor and cannot be removed, this applies for all of them AFAIK.
thanks for your answer.

Yes,i would do it for inventories, respectively the part list of the building instructions.

I was thinking to make it as they are shown in the original instructions, the cable zig-zagging in smooth curves. I will post them later next week.