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Full Version: LSynth Parts with a fixed length?
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How can I gather the length of a synthisized part? i.e. to use only cables with a fixed length or the flex axles?

Could not find anything in neither Willi's tutorial or any other place


As far as I know there is no possibility in LSynth or any other application to solve your needs - but I might be wrong.
That's a pity.

As the LSYNTH output files are basically overlapping segments, the distance betwee the "bottom" of each segement could be summed up to get the final lenght.

That would be greate if this would be a part of LSYNTH in order to really put cables/flex axles (digitally) in place that are a true representation of the real thing.

Sometimes I would like to know if a cable, respectively connection isn't too long, e.g. when PF motors are used which have a fixed cable.