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Full Version: Open MPD file
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how can i open mpd files ? To be more specific, i added files to ldview, but i only see 1 picture. There supposed to be buildinginstructions with it, but there is only "step 1 (from 1).

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It is the normal behaviour of LDView and other tools to show only the first model in a mpd file.

To view the other model in that mpd file just use the menu commands:
Tools - MPD Model Selection
and choose the model you like to see.
Note: once you select a sub-model using MPD Model Selection, you will be able to look at the steps of that submodel (assuming it has steps). Additionally, if you select a sub-model that itself is made up of further sub-sub-models, you will have to select those sub-sub-models from the MPD Model Selection list to see their steps.

Also, if the main model in the MPD has steps of its own (and many probably do), they will show up when the MPD is initially loaded into LDView. (In other words, LDView supports steps in the top-level model of an MPD, it just doesn't show steps from sub-models in an MPD until you open the sub-model.)
i've always wondered why it's that way. It would be more useful, i think, if it showed all steps, switching to submodel as it encounters it, just like lpub does.
Probably it's very complicated to implement ?
It would be great if LDView could parse the Buffer-Exchange or is able to toggle this function.
LDView's step support is a minimum subset that I felt would be useful at the time I implemented it. Even this subset actually required a fairly large amount of effort on my part to implement. The reason that it is so limited is purely one of my available time. I just haven't spent much time developing LDView over the past few years, and the reality is that's not likely to change. I considered other features to be more important. One of the reasons I considered other features more important was that I knew LDView's support would never reach the level of LPub, so if you're interested in generating instructions, LDView isn't the place you're going to do it anyway.
Travis, I don't see LDView as "so limited" at all. It is a great, quick renderer and I like it a lot to get steps right when working with LPUB as it just provides a better and quicker view for me than e.g. MLCAD directly.